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Portishead Swans


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In his collection of poems The Spirit Level, Seamus Heaney urges the reader to be ready and open to experience the magical in small everyday happenings. The poem 'Postscript' concerns an autumn journey along the coast in County Clare. Heaney describes a thrilling moment of heart-stopping beauty when a flock of swans contrasts so strongly with the slate-grey of a lake that they appear like 'earthed lightning' across the landscape. He writes that such unique experiences can 'catch the heart off guard and blow it open'.

This hand-made book is a series of photographs of swans taking off, landing and moving across water. Common experiences that on an ordinary day in no particular month encapsulate the quotidian pleasure of just being present in the world.

Second Edition - with additional pages, more photographs, use of Japanese Satogami Blue 80gsm as front and end papers. The new edition incorporates a dust jacket and is bound with a blue ribbon tie.

Photography by Philip J Brittan
Design by PJB Editions

26 x 22 cm
24 pages
Cover and Dust Jacket
20 photographs
Papers: Monadnock 148gsm
Satogami Blue 80gsm
Architectural Eames 75gsm
Cover and Dust Jacket: Monadnock 270gsm
Blue ribbon tie
June 2014
Edition of 25
Signed and numbered