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Natural History


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The photographs in 'Natural History' were taken in a number of natural history museums in the United Kingdom. The images utilise the glass cases, and the extensive reflections, to create a multi-layered mingling of humans and all kinds of animals that would be impossible in the real world. The strange juxtapositions and fantastic environmental settings produce images that are, in turn, surreal, humorous and melancholic.

With the stuffed animals forever existing within the display maker’s vision of nature, natural history museums stimulate thoughts on colonialism and assumed human superiority. Long-dead creatures that most people will never see alive in their natural surroundings (be they in the English countryside or the Asian jungle) arranged to be gazed at as wonders of the world for human study, entertainment and enjoyment. Because of the transparency of the glass, and at other times with the glass acting as a mirror, humans in these images tend to be as much observed as observing.

Photography by Philip J Brittan
Design by PJB Editions

21 x 28 cm
56 pages
28 photographs
Black and white
Litho printed
Saddle stiched
115 gsm FSC certified paper
First Edition published June 2013
Edition of 200
Signed and numbered
ISBN 978-0-9576314-0-3